Living Labs

CAPHRI has established long-term partnerships with public health and healthcare institutes in the region. Our Living Labs (LL) have two key characteristics: interdisciplinary staff collaborating in research projects and joint appointments.

The main purpose of the LLs is to improve cooperation and knowledge transfer between practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and the education sector, leading to a direct translation of research in the correct societal context. The ultimate aim is a better quality of care, accessible high-quality evidence-based products, and services and facilities in the field of healthcare and public health.

The School hosts 5 LLs in Public Health (including the regional health service and 19 municipalities), Rehabilitation (with Adelante Rehabilitation group), General Practice (first LL of the Netherlands since 1980), Sustainable Care, and Ageing and long-term care (including Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and seven care organisations covering about 100 care locations and over 15,000 members of staff).