Ageing and Long-Term Care

Jan Hamers  Prof. Jan Hamers

Dr. Hilde Verbeek
Vice chair

Mission statement

To develop and disseminate knowledge and expertise on psychosocial, clinical and environmental determinants of health care problems including its prevalence, need of care, social participation, independency and quality of life among older persons, and to develop and evaluate innovative health care programmes, research methods and interventions for and with older persons to slow down processes of disablement and to improve the quality of particularly long-term care.

Focus area

Due to the ageing of the population and developments in medical technology, the number of older persons with (chronic) health problems will increase substantially during the next decades. Although (old) age in itself is considered as an important risk factor for processes of disablement, research suggests that environmental and psychosocial factors may also be at work. The main challenges for the future are (a) to investigate determinants, prevalence and consequences of specific health care problems among older persons (e.g., pressure ulcers, malnutrition, falls, fatigue, pain, dyspnoea) in both nursing home and community-based settings, and (b) to develop, evaluate and implement innovative, client-oriented, and targeted health care arrangements which handle these health care problems and maximise independence, quality of life and quality of care among older frail persons.

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