Becoming a PhD candidate

All information related on how to become a CAPHRI PhD candidate is written below.

Internal PhD candidate

Internal PhD candidates are selected through open competition when there is a vacancy. Available vacancies are posted at Academic Transfer. An e-assessment is part of the selection procedure before appointment. The competences essential for a PhD trajectory at CAPHRI are described in a manual, including a matrix to be filled out by the selection committee.

External PhD candidate

Master graduates can apply for admission as external PhD candidate. CAPHRI already has many external PhD candidates, therefore only the most serious, talented and ambitious candidates will be accepted after a strict selection procedure. The proposed topic needs to match the expertise and interest of CAPHRI researchers. External PhD candidates should have sufficient financial means and time to support themselves and their research.

View the current PhD opportunities here.

Registration of CAPHRI PhD candidates

PhD candidates are registered fully with CAPHRI only when the following documents are received by the PhD coordinator:

  • A registration form;
  • A CV, showing a proper education to start a PhD trajectory (suitable Master’s degree);
  • A feasible personal research plan of good quality, which is approved by the supervisor(s), including a publication plan and time schedule, to be regularly updated;
  • Within the first three months, a Training and Supervision plan should be made in agreement with the supervisors, which should be sent to the PhD coordinator.

Only when these four requirements have been met, a PhD candidate is enrolled into the School.