The course options for the Training & Supervision Plan are described below.

CAPHRI PhD Courses
The following courses are offered within our own School:


Master modules
CAPHRI PhD candidates can follow Master modules as PhD course. These are of high quality and officially accredited. More information can be found at UM Master's programmes or FHML Master modules. For more information on the modules of the Health Sciences Research Master please go to or contact Leo Schouten.

The Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research(CaRe) provides the education of PhD candidates of four Dutch research institutes: CAPHRI (Maastricht), EMGO+ (Amsterdam), Nivel (Utrecht) and RIHS (Nijmegen). These courses are to be paid and vary in price. See the CaRe PhD Training Programme on

FHML PhD courses
The FHML offers PhD candidate courses in general skills, such as statistics, research methods and English writing and presenting for PhD projects, lab skills. FHML PhD courses

Workshop on valorisation 
Since 2014, the UM requires that all PhD candidates include a paragraph in their doctoral thesis on the valorisation potential of the research. The Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) is planning new workshops to support PhD candidates in writing this paragraph. More information about this workshop will follow soon. Until then, the summary of the latest workshop "Crafting the Valorisation Paragraph for your Doctoral Thesis" could be helpful. You can also have a look on the Brightlands website, where you can download the ‘valorisation guideline’, as well as concrete examples are given. 

Basic course Regulations and & Organisation for Clinical Researchers (BROC)
The BROC is intended for clinical researchers who conduct research falling under the ‘Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen (WMO)’. For this kind of research, a GCP certificate is obligatory. The ‘Clinical Research (ICH-GCP)’ training is offered in Dutch and English. For more information on the new eBrok course click here or contact the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht ( Contact person is Arno Skrabanja,tel. +31 43 3872919.
An alternative GCP course is offered here

Language centre
PhD candidates can also follow courses at Maastricht University's Language Centre.

Staff Career Centre (SCC)
The Staff Development Centre offers career guidance as well as a range of courses that are particularly aimed at PhD candidates, such as time management, self-management for PhD candidates, and career management for PhD candidates. For detailed information please visit the SCC website, where you can also find an overview of the PhD courses in 2019-2020. 

Library courses
The university library offers tutorials, courses and workshops such as EndNote (introduction and advanced) and Web of Science. These courses are free for PhD candidates with a UM contract. and Course information and registration via the website, contact person: Henrietta Hazen.

Professionalisation of Teachers (Docprof) courses
Courses offered free of charge to teaching staff of the FHML, including PhD candidates, in Dutch and English. Short courses and University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

In addition, PhD candidates can include courses of their own preference elsewhere in their Training and Supervision Plan.