Functioning, Participation and Rehabilitation

 Annelies Boonen

Prof. Annelies Boonen

  IJmert Kant Prof. IJmert Kant
Vice chair

Mission statement

To develop and evaluate interventions and strategies for effective prediction, prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for people with health complaints and/or disabling medical conditions that affect their functioning and participation as defined in the ICF framework. Methodological, clinimetric and fundamental approaches will be used.

Focus area

The research line focuses on both the understanding of impaired functioning and participation,  and the role of the individual’s personal and societal context herein. Human movement is a shared basic principle of the research line and is underpinned in the specialty ‘Bewegen’ of the Maastricht UMC+.

Translational research, cohort studies and comparative effectiveness studies of non-pharmacological interventions are the sources of information, and state of the art methodology is applied. Contributing to meaningful and personalised medicine is the ultimate goal.


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