A PhD trajectory at the School CAPHRI, whether internal or external, is aimed at the development of the PhD candidate into a well-equipped, well-prepared and capable independent researcher ready to successfully defend the PhD thesis during the graduation ceremony. The standard duration of a PhD trajectory is four years. In case of a part-time or external PhD trajectory, a different time planning can be agreed upon. During the trajectory, the PhD candidate should be enabled to develop competencies by completing a Training and Supervision Plan listing courses and conference visits. At the end of the trajectory, after approval of the manuscript by the Assessment Committee, the candidate shall publicly defend the thesis in a ceremony that lasts for an hour.

End-terms for the PhD thesis

CAPHRI theses should be in accordance with the Regulation governing the attainment of doctoral degrees Maastricht University. The Regulation, model letters and the Declaration of scientific integrity to be sent to the Board of Deans at Minderbroedersberg 4-6, can be found here.
The CAPHRI direction considers a thesis as a demonstration of the PhD candidate’s ability to carry out independent scholarly work. The candidate should be enabled to finish the PhD trajectory within in a reasonable time period. A CAPHRI thesis generally consists of four articles written in English, of which at least one has been published (see Chapter 6 of the UM Regulation). The first promoter decides, in mutual agreement with the other supervisors, when the manuscript is of sufficient quality to be sent to the Assessment Committee.

Text acknowledging CAPHRI to be included in the thesis

In each CAPHRI thesis, the following text should be included on one of the first pages:
The research presented in this thesis was conducted at CAPHRI Care and Public Health Research Institute, Department <name>, of Maastricht University. CAPHRI participates in the Netherlands School of Public Health and Care Research CaRe.

Summary of steps for admission to the PhD degree

The approval procedure from sending the letters to the PhD-office, submission of the manuscript to the Assessment Committee to setting a date for the graduation need to be prepared a half-year beforehand. See also the time schedule in the model letters.

  • The PhD candidate should request the Board of Deans to appoint the supervisor and co-supervisor(s).
  • The PhD candidate should request admission to the degree ceremony and request the supervisor to inform the Board of Deans of the composition of the Assessment Committee.
  • The PhD candidate should request the supervisor to submit his/her dissertation to the Assessment Committee.
  • Within four weeks of receipt of the thesis, the Assessment Committee decides whether the PhD candidate can be admitted to the degree ceremony. If the Assessment Committee has points of criticism, which are such that the thesis can be improved, the Committee may decide to extend the period of approval by four weeks.
  • The Committee will inform the primary supervisor about the admission or rejection of the PhD candidate to the degree. The PhD candidate can contact the Bureau Academic Ceremonies to set a date when the thesis is approved.
  • PhD candidates are free to choose where to have their thesis printed. Under conditions, PhD candidates are entitled to an allowance for printing and reception costs. Click here for the regulations and declaration form. The declaration form should be submitted to the UM PhD-office (Bureau Academische Zittingen).