Health Inequities and Societal Participation


Dr. Petra Wolffs

  Hans Bosma Prof. Christian Hoebe
Vice chair

Mission statement

To unravel the historically shaped entanglements of inequities, participation and globalisation in various public health practices, geographic regions and cultural settings, including those related to (re)emerging health threats like infectious diseases and antibiotics resistance. As such, we will contribute to the identification of effective, legitimate, and just solutions and policies.

Focus area

The research focuses on the entangled inequalities in health, economic welfare, employment, and participation. Simultaneously, we face new challenges, such as increasing numbers of chronic diseases, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and antibiotic resistance. The development of effective, legitimate, and just solutions for these challenges depends on the understanding and taking account of the perspectives of all stakeholders, particularly vulnerable groups. While acknowledging people’s life-courses, embodied experiences, and bio-psychosocial contexts, we aim to go beyond individualistic approaches and to consider the geography of health and disease. Doing so, we aim to contribute to the reduction of global inequities and to stimulate participation in public health as a means to strengthen local and global ecologies of health.

Contact information secretariat Health, Ethics & Society (HES)

Helen Heutz
Phone: +31 43 388 1144