Optimising Patient Care

Prof. Luc Smits


Jean Muris

Prof. Jean W.M. Muris
Vice chair

Mission statement

To develop optimal evidence-based and knowledge-informed patient care, in every part of the care continuum: prevention and lifestyle, via (early) diagnosis, to management and prognosis.


Our approach is based on the translational concept, meaning the incorporation of findings from basic research in patient-oriented clinical science. In particular, our mission is to investigate the incremental value of prevention and lifestyle, including nutrition, (early) diagnosis and management and the underlying mechanisms in a patient-centred or population-based approach.

Focus area

In view of advances in knowledge and changes in population demographics and health care, we want to provide better insight in effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of diseases in (primary) care. Moreover, we want to turn questions arising from clinical practice into evidence that is applicable in clinical practice; to develop innovative tools and designs for clinical and epidemiological studies, and to facilitate personalised medicine through the use of clinical prediction modelling. Further specific focus areas are dietary assessment and the improvement of nutritional status, health and quality of life by high quality multidisciplinary research and health care innovation, and the stimulation of responsible epidemiologic research practice (meta-research).

Contact information secretariat

Conny de Zwart
Email: conny.dezwart@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Phone: +31 43 388 2366