PhD Graduate School

As a PhD Graduate School CAPHRI facilitates talented Master graduates to obtain a PhD by offering high-quality supervision by committed researchers of CAPHRI. CAPHRI PhD candidates work alongside research staff and are trained to look across traditional boundaries and make use of various scientific perspectives by learning from researchers of other departments, disciplines, institutes, universities and international scholars. The PhD trajectory results in a thesis and is awarded with a PhD degree from Maastricht University.

PhD degrees can be awarded to CAPHRI employees or in collaboration with academic and non-academic partner research institutes. In these partnerships, supervision can be offered by CAPHRI staff or by local supervisors. Also, external individuals can request a PhD trajectory with supervision (view current PhD opportunities).

CAPHRI has over 400 PhD candidates, of which about 150 are employed as internal PhD candidate or researcher, and approximately 250 are registered as external PhD candidate, either with a Scholarship or employed by a different employer in the Netherlands or abroad. More than 40% of all our PhD candidates have a foreign background (over 50 different nationalities).

Approximately 50 PhD theses are defended on average per year. Of all CAPHRI PhD candidates who graduated since 2004, 45% has found a job as researcher (often combined with policy, care, or teaching) for example as CAPHRI postdoc, 25% works in the health care sector, 15% is teaching and 15% has a policy job. (View the PhD Abstract booklet 2018 for current PhD Research)