In 2010, CAPHRI implemented the PhD TRACK system with which the progress of PhD trajectories and the quality of PhD supervision is monitored. In addition, support is offered by the PhD coordinator and the confidential advisors. This results in the early detection of problems and allows CAPHRI to act timely.


Supervisors and PhD candidates can access PhD TRACK on

What to do?

PhD candidates can fill out their PRP and TSP digitally, and attach documents (e.g. articles, their preliminary thesis) to create a portfolio. They also complete an Annual Questionnaire via the PhD TRACK system. Supervisors cannot access the confidential section in which feedback is given by the PhD candidate on their performance.

Supervisors have access to the general data of their PhD candidates. Twice a year, the supervisors should mark the progress of the project of each of their PhD candidates with a colour and evaluative comments.

Secure storage of data

The data of all PhD candidates and their supervisors are securely stored. A back-up of all data is made every 24 hrs and is available anytime, anywhere via the internet. PhD TRACK is managed by the PhD coordinator, who is the only person having full access to the data. When you notice incorrect or incomplete information, or you would like to use a different e-mail address, please notify the PhD coordinator.