Silvia (S.M.A.A.) Evers

Phone: +31 43 388 1602
Birthdate: 29-04-1965
Room: 0.023



Silvia Evers studied Health Sciences (Mental Health Sciences; Health Policy & Administration), Epidemiology, and Law (Labour and Social; Health Law). Since the early nineties, she has been working as a researcher in the field of Economic Evaluations/Health Technology Assessment at the Institute for Rehabilitation Research, the Maastricht University (Epidemiology; Health Economics; Medical Sociology), the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Centre for Care Studies), the University of Amsterdam (Pedagogics), and the University Hospital Maastricht (Neurosurgery). Next to research she has been working as a legal and policy advisor at the Faculty of Psychology of Maastricht University, where she headed the Research Institute of the Faculty Board.


Currently she holds a chair on Public Health Technology Assessment at the Maastricht University, department of Health Services Research at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science and at the Care and Public Health Research Institute (Caphri) and at the Netherlands School of Primary Care Research (CaRe). Next to that she is working at the Trimbos Institute, the Centre of expertise on mental health and addiction in the field of HTA research since 2013.

She is involved as an HTA-project leader and supervisor in numerous (clinical) trials funded both nationally (ZonMw, NWO, industry, etc) and internationally (EU, OECD). She is a co-ordinator and a senior lecturer in HTA and Health Economic courses, especially in Health Science Research Master (HSRM) and in the Master Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management (HPIM). Currently, she has been the co-supervisor of more than 25 PhD. students and about 150 Bachelor and Master students. She has co-authored over 250 publications (Hirsch Index = 40 google.scholar).

Her chief current research efforts are directed towards the methodology of economic evaluation of public health interventions, meta-analysis and quality of life analysis. She has a special interest in the application of these methods looking at innovative interventions in the field of brain related and mental diseases, public health, youth, and rehabilitation. She is editor of the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics and BMC Health Services Research and a member of several national and international working groups and referee for several journals and research programmes.



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Professor of Public Health Technology Assessment
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