Promoting Health & Personalised Care

<Trudy van der Weijden Prof. Trudy van der Weijden
     Prof. Rik Crutzen
Vice chair

Mission statement

To develop new theories, interventions and research methods to promote health and personalised care involving shared decision making principles and to recognise that personalisation and tailoring of prevention and care involves active participation and normative reflections of all stakeholders, such as healthy persons, patients, health care professionals, scientists, and health care policy makers.

Focus area

Our research focuses on several areas, such as the personalised prevention and healthcare and lifestyle interventions using innovative eHealth and shared decision making principles; participatory approaches involving all stakeholders in the design and implementation processes; predictor and change models facilitating personalised and tailored prevention and care; environmental approaches that promote health and healthful behaviours in schools, worksites, and communities and the policy level via focusing on the physical, social and political environment; adequate normative frameworks regarding promoting health and personalised care; and up-to-date statistical methods for promoting health and personalised care (e.g. efficient sampling sizes, handling missing data).

Contact information secretariat

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