Academic Collaborative Center for Sustainable Care Limburg

Project leaders: Prof. Dirk Ruwaard, Dr Marieke Spreeuwenberg
Researchers: Maartje van der Aa, Dr Federica Angeli, Prof. Martin Carree, Prof. Silvia Evers, Bram Fleuren, Prof. Andries de Grip, Sofie van Hoof, Prof. IJmert Kant, Prof. Ruud Kempen, Prof. Saskia Klosse, Dr Mariëlle Kroese, Prof. Hans Maarse, Dr J. Mesman, Prof. Wubbo Mulders, Tessa Quanjel, Dr Jessie Stevens, Prof. Tsjalling Swierstra, Eveline van Velthuijsen, Prof. Frans Verhey, Daan Westra, Willemine Willems, Prof. Fred Zijlstra, Dr Sandra Zwakhalen. In addition several other researchers outside Maastricht University are involved
Period: 2013 – 2018

Research that contributes to a better understanding of how to develop a future-proof healthcare system by delivering appropriate care, in the right place, by the right person, and for the right price is the mission of the Academic Collaborative Center for Sustainable Care Limburg. The center aims to facilitate policy, practice and teaching with evidence-based knowledge to improve the health of the population, to create a better (experience of) quality of care and to slow down the rising costs (Triple Aim) through research that focuses on innovations in health services. The research projects are conducted by interdisciplinary teams of researchers within and outside Maastricht University, in close collaboration with different stakeholders in the field of policy and practice. Since 2013, seven research projects have started: (1) substituting hospital care with primary care, (2) senior-friendly hospital care, (3) competition versus cooperation, (4) sustainable social security versus sustainable care, (5) the labour market and (6) changes in the attitudes and behaviour of stakeholders. (in Dutch)