PROFILe project

Project leaders: Prof. Dirk Ruwaard, Prof. Nicolaas Schaper
Researchers: Dr Arianne Elissen, Drs. Dorijn Hertroijs
Period: 2014 - 2018

In 2014, the PROFILe study was started. PROFILe stands for ‘PROFiling patients’ healthcare needs to support Integrated, person-centred models for Long-term disease management’. No single patient with diabetes is the same, making it important to tailor healthcare to their personal needs, abilities and preferences. Within the PROFILe project, so-called ‘patient profiles’ will be developed, validated and tested, as an instrument to support more tailored diabetes management in practice. To gain insight into which relevant (bio)medical and socio-demographic characteristics are relevant to include in patient profiles, data are analysed from approximately 1.000 diabetes patients participating in the Maastricht Study and 9.500 patients receiving treatment from a GP of the regional primary care group (ZIO) in Maastricht. Patients play an important role in the project. They will be asked for their care and self-management preferences, enabling the project to provide targeted recommendations for more tailored diabetes management.