ZMILE study

(Cost)-effectiveness of a multi-component intervention for adults with epilepsy: study protocol of a Dutch randomized controlled trial

Project leaders: Prof. Silvia Evers, Dr Marian Majoie
Researchers: Loes Leenen, Ben Wijnen, Prof. Caroline van Heugten, Dr Reina de Kinderen
Period: 2012-2016

In patients with epilepsy, poor adherence to anti-epileptic drugs has been shown to be the most important cause of poorly controlled epilepsy. Furthermore, it has been noted that the quality of life among patients with epilepsy can be improved by counselling and treatments aimed at increasing their self-efficacy and concordance, thus stimulating self-management skills. However, there is a need for evidence on the effectiveness of such programmes, especially within epilepsy care. Therefore, we have developed a multi-component intervention (MCI) which combines a self-management/education programme with e-Health interventions. Accordingly, the overall objective of this study is to assess the (cost)-effectiveness and feasibility of the MCI, aiming to improve self-efficacy and concordance in patients with epilepsy.

This study is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw), grant application number 836011018.