Inter-sectoral costs and benefits of (preventive) interventions in the health care sector

Project leader: Dr Aggie Paulus
Researchers: Ruben Drost, Prof. Dirk Ruwaard, Prof. Silvia Evers
Period: March 2012 – March 2016

Many interventions within the healthcare sector have costs and monetary benefits which spread to other sectors. These are known as 'inter-sectoral costs and benefits’ (ICBs). Examples include special education and police interventions. The aim of this research project is threefold. In the first phase of the project, by means of a review of relevant literature and expert interviews, we identify relevant ICBs and construct a classification scheme which is supportive for researchers and policy makers conducting and assessing research in the field of HTA. In phase two, we develop a guideline, which contains ICB-related cost prices and can be used alongside the cost manual of The National Health Care Institute to broaden the scope of economic analyses. In phase three, we use the manual to conduct two economic evaluations on preventive interventions, namely one on excessive alcohol use and one on low parenting quality in families with COPMI (children of parents with a mental illness).

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