LPZ International

Projectleader: Dr Ruud Halfens
Researchers: Prof. Jos Schols, Dr Esther Meesterberends, Armand Rondas, Martin van Leen (Maastricht University), Prof. Christa Lohrmann (Austria), Silvia Bauer (Austria), Manuela Mandl (Austria), Dr Sabine Hahn (Switzerland), Christa VanGelooven (Switzerland), Friederike Thilo (Switzerland), A. Gordon (UK)
Period: 1997 - present


The ‘Landelijke Prevalentiemeting Zorgproblemen’ (LPZ) is an annual international multicenter cross-sectional point prevalence measurement of care problems (pressure ulcers, malnutrition, intertrigo, incontinence, falls and restrains). Each year health care institutions (hospitals, nursing homes and home care) participate voluntary at the measurement at a fixed day in April and/or November. Data are gathered on institutional (characteristics and structural indicators), on department (characteristics and structural indicators), and on patient level (demographic characteristics and prevalence, prevention, and treatment of each care problem).

During the measurement all patients are examined on the same day in all institutions, and each patient is assessed by two trained health care professionals (nurses, dieticians, or doctors; one of whom worked on the patient’s ward and one independent). For audit reasons each institution receives their own and national results in dashboards. The LPZ is measured in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and New-Zeeland.


Principal Investigator


Nursing Science Epidemiology of care problems