During all steps of the PhD trajectory, supervision will be provided by expert CAPHRI researchers, consisting of feedback during the writing process and methodological advice on e.g. data analysis. In case of external PhD candidates, especially those from abroad, communication mainly takes place from a distance via e-mail, Skype, and telephone. Preferably, based on the interdisciplinary perspectives in CAPHRI research, the supervisors work at different departments, the Academic hospital, or research institutes elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad. A supervisor has to have a PhD. A supervision team consists of 2 - 3 (co-)supervisors. One of them is the daily supervisor. The progress of the project and the quality of the supervision is monitored through
the PhD TRACK system.

The CAPHRI PhD representatives and PhD coordinator have published a booklet on PhD supervision: It takes two to tango: A qualitative study amongst PhD candidates and supervisors to evaluate the process of PhD supervision in the Netherlands. The booklet includes ‘10 golden rules’ cards for PhD candidates and supervision. You can access the booklet and the cards here.

Annual assessment interviews

Each internal PhD candidate is assessed every year, during the 10th, 22nd, 36th and 48th month of their PhD research. The first assessment interview will determine whether the appointment will be extended for the rest of the PhD trajectory (go/no-go decision). This information leaflet will help to prepare this interview. External PhD candidates are advised to request an annual evaluation with their supervisors.