Support for PhDs and postdocs


CAPHRI has an Educational Board which meets several times a year, which consists of the Scientific Director, confidential advisors, PhD coordinator, PhD representatives of CAPHRI and of the national Research School CaRe and the postdoc representatives, to discuss developments regarding PhD candidates within the School and at a broader level. We try to stimulate contacts and exchange of experiences amongst PhD candidates and a feeling of being embedded in the larger whole of the School CAPHRI, in addition to the Department where you are based and the Research Line you are part of. Each person within the support network has its own specific role and we hope that you will not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, ideas for meetings, experience problems, or anything that is on your mind. We’re there for you!

PhD coordinator

The PhD coordinator functions as a low-threshold contact point for PhD candidates and supervisors. Her role is to register new PhD candidates within the School and the Faculty FHML, to ensure that each PhD candidate has a Training & Supervision Plan, to monitor the progress of PhD projects and quality of supervision provided by means of the PhD TRACK system, and to provide information and support in case of questions related to PhD trajectories. These may vary from practical questions to sharing complex problems of a personal nature, related to the PhD trajectory, or the interaction with supervisor(s).
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Confidential advisors

For problems and advice regarding the relationship between you and your supervisor, or personal matters, you can consult the confidential advisors Dr Anke Oenema or prof.dr. Jochen Cals. All information shared with the confidential advisor remains confidential and will only be shared with others when you have given permission.
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PhD representatives

CAPHRI has three PhD representatives, of which one is PhD representative in the PhD committee (FPC) of FHML. They communicate with all CAPHRI PhD candidates on a regular basis, to inform them of developments, courses, and the CAPHRI PhD candidate meetings that they organise. The representatives regularly discuss matters with the PhD panel (consisting of one PhD per CAPHRI Department) and the Educational Board.
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PhD panel 

CAPHRI also installed a PhD panel that acts as a sounding board and information channel. The PhD panel, meeting every three months and consisting of a PhD representing each CAPHRI Department, Maastricht UMC+ and each Research Line, provides the CAPHRI PhD representatives and PhD coordinator with input and signals and receive information about recent developments and policies.
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Postdoc representatives

CAPHRI has a postdoc representative, Annerika Slok, who is a low-threshold contact for postdocs employed within CAPHRI and who represents the CAPHRI postdocs in the Educational Board. She acts as a sounding board for potential improvements within CAPHRI concerning issues important for postdocs. All information received from postdocs is treated confidentially. Please feel free to contact the postdoc representative with any questions and/or suggestions for relevant improvements via

CaRe representatives

CAPHRI is embedded in a larger cooperation of research schools named CaRe (The Netherlands Schools of Primary Care Research). Every participating school has a member of the scientific staff to represent the research school and a PhD candidate to represent the PhD candidates. The goal of CaRe is to contribute to better health care and research trough better education and training of young researchers. Representatives meet 4 or 5 times a year to discuss health education and policy and how to work closely together. There are also initiatives to re-introduce the introduction day for all CaRe PhD candidates. For questions do not hesitate to contact CaRe representative Sascha Bolt (